Food waste reduction and composting in schools (K-12) is being promoted by  the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) and the Florida Department of Protection (FDEP) Waste Reduction Section.

According to the USDA, K-12 schools have a special role in not only reducing, recovering, and recycling food waste on their premises, but also in educating the next generation about recovering wholesome, excess food for donation, and about reducing food waste to conserve natural resources. This page is intended to provide information and resources to begin various types of food waste donation and composting programs in a Florida School.


  1. Food Gleaning
    • Gathering leftover crops after harvest.
  2. Perishable Food Rescue
    • Collecting perishable produce from retail and wholesale generators.
  3. Nonperishable Food Collection
    • Collecting long shelf life processed foods.
  4. Food Rescue
    • Collection prepared foods from the food service industry.
Florida Food Waste Prevention Week
Florida Food Waste Prevention Week is a dynamic and comprehensive week filled with special activities and events designed to raise awareness and inspire behavior change to reduce food waste at home, work and in our communities. Learn more about how you can join throughout the week using the button below.
April 5 - 9, 2021